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High Definition Body Sculpting 

The Fun Sculpting procedure is the biggest cosmetic medical breakthrough since Liposuction and it's inspiring physicians worldwide.  Performed by a medical professional in the convenience of their office.  Fun Sculpting is 40% faster than other techniques.  Its active, vibrating infiltration maximizes patient comfort with a shorter procedure time.  The 3-D vibration reduces physician fatigue and increases ease of tissue penetration even in fibrous patients.


Men most commonly choose Fun Sculpting for their abdomen, chin, chest, and love handles.


Advanced liposuction designed to remove and reshape fat deposits without burning, cutting or freezing the fat.


Suctioned fat can be immediately transferred back to the patient in more desirable areas, such as the buttocks or breasts.

Tissue Preservation:

• Respects connective tissue

• Less bleeding

• Avoid nerve damage

• Unmatched patient recovery

Skin Retraction

• No need to nip or tuck after the procedure

• Naturally induced tightening through fibroblast activity and collagen synthesis.

Pain Management

• Gate Control Theory of Pain

• No IV or general sedation, done under local anesthetic.


• Fastest known aspiration rates at 2-6 liters and hour

• Highest cell viability, with the cleanest and purest aspirated fat known.

Other Benefits:

• Midlevels can perform the procedure

• No BMI limitations

• Customized marketing

• Medical & business development training included.

• Stem Cell Banking

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