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Vitti Labs is a tissue bank which focuses on life science research, development, and manufacturing. 

• AATB (American Association of Tissue Banks) Accredited

• cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practicing) Certified

• (Federal Drug Administration) Registered

• GTP (Good Tissue Practices)

• WHO (World Health Organization) protocols and

   procedures to meet applicable requirements

Vitti Lab's life's work is to create breakthrough therapeutics resulting in measurable, impactful solutions that positively transform lives:

• Research is invaluable

• Engage in peer, physician, and patient collaboration

• Respect and uphold regulatory guidelines through a

   proactive culture

• Establish and follow rigorous protocols and procedures

   to ensure high quality products, safety, and consistency

• Prove the processes with above industry standard and

   testing by third party labs

• Vitti Labs implements and maintains quality and

   regulatory assurance in alignment with FDA

   Regulations by building strict protocols to uphold these


• Vitti Labs only accepts bio-ethically donated birth

   tissue from healthy, consenting mothers in the United

   States who have passed a comprehensive medical

   background check, blood screenings, and have full

   term, live C-section births

• Vitti Labs only works with tissue procurement

   companies within the United States who use collection

   techniques that follow the AATB guidelines

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