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Clean, functional fuel for your brain.


Neuroregeneration:  Restoration of neural connectivity for optimal function through regrowth or repair of nervous tissues and cells of the brain, including neurons, glia, axons, myelin, or synapses.

• Neuroprotective:  Preservation and protection of neuronal structure and function through increased antioxidant intake from functional foods to decrease oxidative stress levels.

• Cognitive Function:  Optimize internal mental processes to improve brain function, learning acquisition, perception, memory, flexible thinking, decision making, focus, and problem-solving.

Powerful Ingredients

Ingredients are powerful alone but can be even more beneficial and bioavailable when combined with supporting ingredients in a precise, measured way. Our Lab focuses on developing products that support and optimize the body's natural systems in the most direct and efficient way.

Focused Formulations


STACKS NOOTROPIC is loaded with science-backed ingredients such as Powdered Oxygen™, Bacopa Monnieri, mushroom extracts, and more which have been shown to provide neuroprotective benefits, improve brain health, and optimize mental performance.

Easy to Enjoy

STACKS NOOTROPIC comes as a powder in easy-to-use packets for you to mix and enjoy anywhere. Stash some STACKS next to your computer, at the office, in your gym bag, purse, anywhere you may need a dose of focus, clarity, and mental endurance at home or on the go.

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